Childs Park is an oasis of serenity in heart of the city of Northampton
Childs Park

This park is intended for low intensity recreation--for reflection, enjoyment of the landscape, or just strolling or lounging on the grass. In keeping with this purpose, users are requested to observe the following few guidelines for use of the park.All dogs must be on a leash at all times.

In accordance with a Northampton city ordinance, all pet handlers must come prepared with a "pooper scooper" and remove all feces left by pets.

No organized games.

No alcoholic beverages.

No cooking on the premises. Basket lunches are allowed.

No skateboards or mopeds.

No parking of vehicles on the grass.

Vehicles must be out of the park by 7 p.m.

Use of the park for ceremonies or picture taking requires reservations in advance.

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Childs Park
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